Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For a "smart" kid...

Dear readers: all 6 of you:

I once had problems with a bully back in Junior High. On one occasion he sneered that "for a smart kid" I was pretty stupid. I explained to him that I am articulate, but that doesn't mean I'm all that intelligent, and in fact my grades were about average. When he punched me, he said something like, "See? That's what I'm talking about."

He was right.

I spoke with a system administrator yesterday to see if I could set up a way that would uniquely identify me when posting to other sites. I have learned a few things in short order, to wit:

1) The information is interesting and will be passed on to the provider.
2) The problem is more complicated than the obvious.
3) The "obvious" is that regardless of what anyone else is doing, I am not conforming to company policy regarding computer resource use--limited personal emails and web access are allowed. Personal publishing is not--and doing it on breaks and after hours makes no difference.
4) It's at least a good thing I used a penname and did not identify my company.
5) It's a bad thing that at least two readers know who I am personally.
6) I am required to make this statement:

All statements or images on this site are the sole responsibility of their authors. No opinion expressed or implied may be attributed to or is necessarily endorsed or condoned by any party associated with any authors' access, incuding the "owner" of this site.

This leads to:
7) I am very fortunate and grateful.
8) I am suspending all my blogging activity until I get a high-speed connection at home. This will have to include allowing combox activity, since I won’t be monitoring content.
9) For a "smart kid," I'm very, very stupid indeed.

Sorry all.
Your bro,